H|U|M|B|O|T Emotion Map 1999 created by Philip Pocock.

H|U|M|B|O|T plays @ a Cinema not Near You but In You.

H|U|M|B|O|T re-evaluates traditional cinema aesthetics within the domain of digital information and telecommunication networks as the next content and context for a future cinema.

H|U|M|B|O|T re-balances linear, closed, and passive media consumption, in favor of multi- or non-linear, open-ended and interactive media consumption and production by authors and audience alike. After all, cinema's classical aesthetics, subjecting audiences to a dark seated silence with the aspiration of transcending and entering a movie, when it works, is marvellous, and audiences gladly sit down, pipe down and submit to an author, as in authority, for the experience. Yet other forms of future cinema are likely to emerge. Whether H|U|M|B|O|T succeeds in this task of emancipating cinema from strict consumption is beside the point that such research and art in this area provides touchstones in a network of similar expanded digital movie forms underway on-line.

Audiences must not always be uncurable consumers in order to enter a movie. They may enter it actively, interactively co-creating the experience with the author, participating in the social-construction of new sorts of audiovisual cinematic narrative, a cybercinema, which has become possible more so now than ever, due to the ubiquity of fast digital computing and global communication, which already through email and chat alone, has turned the planet into a script, and divided every individual between themselves and one or another avatar. There is, to the dismay of Internet detractors, no danger of schizophrenia, or a loss of identity, when an individual's deeper self and their provisional avatars are in constant communication with each other, a natural occurance when an individual is communicating face-to-face and medially with glocal øthers.

[Left]: H|U|M|B|O|T Emotion Map:

With North being sensual, South cerebral, East being loving and West fearful, Humboldt readers and H|U|M|B|O|T authors and readers have clicked a position on this emotion map for every single piece of content incorporated on the site - Humboldt passages and H|U|M|B|O|T D-Video clips, before being calculated with other parameters - time, position (GPS), situation, keyword and category into the expanding H|U|M|B|O|T database computed by the artificially (and poetically) intelligent neural-net Kohonen Self-Organizing Mapping algorithm, producing not pages but one 'world' screen, a cyberatlas for a cybercinema driven by user interaction.

Ground and the Grounds You Stand On

"...perceive the connections between the physical and the intellectual worlds."

A.v.Humboldt, "Personal Narrative..."

Portrait of Alexander von Humboldt.Target guestbook used by H|U|M|B|O|T at the National Gallery in Bonn Germany 1999. Code by Udo Noll.