What is chorography?

From chôra [Greek; def. Liddell-Scott-Jones Lexicon]:

  • a space or room in which a thing is, partly occupied space.
  • country, land(s), territory, country as opposed to town.
  • place, spot, i.e. move from place to place.
  • (time and) place.
  • position of an element in a text (metaphor).
"The Chora receives everything and gives place to everything."
source: Chora_L, Jacques Derrida, Peter Eisenman, 1996.
"Chorography is a poetics for making a map."
source: Gregory Ulmer @ http://www.pre-text.com/ptlist/octulmer.html

"Chorography is writing that creates complex and unexpected relations from and within a matrix of the autobiographical writing subject."
source: Darren Tofts @ http://www.mcs.mq.edu.au/content/VirtualCultures/vc7-tofts-paper.html